Good Finance grants a loan to 18-year-olds – $ 300-600 instant loan

Are you 18 and need a loan? Would an unsecured and inexpensive quick release suit? Succeeds! Good Finance also grants a loan to an 18-year-old, as the need for money does not look at age. However, there are clear criteria for granting instant exceptions, in addition to adulthood, for which there are no exceptions.

  • The adult must be 18 years of age
  • No payment default entry, that is, the money was handled properly
  • Permanent address in Finland
  • Finnish bank account and mobile phone subscription
  • Regular income

Instant loan is now a suitable loan for 18-year-olds as well


Back in August 2019, few of those who had just reached the age of majority had any chance of getting an instant loan if they felt they needed it. At that time, it would have been more profitable to try your luck by asking for a loan from your loved ones than to apply for a quick tip. The prices of instant loans were expensive and, by the way, they were not easily granted to 18-year-olds whose only regular income was mainly tuition support. Every 18-year-old who managed to get a quick nap from somewhere was probably at risk of getting into debt.

However, with the entry into force of the Interest Ceiling Act in September 2019, the situation has changed. You can now get a multi-hundred-euro instant nip for a few tens of expenses so that you can pay off in installments within a few months. The noticeable fall in interest rates is the very reason why even today, 18-year-olds may want to look for a quick pull if needed.

How Much Does a $ 300 Good Finance Quick Tip?

How Much Does a $ 300 Good Finance Quick Tip?

If you apply for a $ 300 instant today and get a positive loan decision, you will receive money in your account within 3-5 business days. The $ 300 instant lever accrues a total cost of $ 20.10, giving you a total refund of $ 320.10. Repayments are made monthly in four installments, the amounts of which are shown in the table below.

You can also choose to pay for the Express Payment service , which allows you to deposit money into your account within half an hour. The cost of the service is $ 59 and will be automatically added to the first installment.

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