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Credit Uses


  • free use
  • Loan for a new car (used car, new car)
  • Credit for furniture
  • Loan for renovation or modernization
  • Loan Redemption (Debt Rescheduling)
  • Current account settlement (overdraft facility)
  • holiday trip
  • Consumer electronics (tablet, smartphone, computer)
  • Entrepreneur loan, cheap installment loan for the self-employed

Money is often quickly used to bridge a financial bottleneck or to settle bills. Numerous life situations, such as an urgently needed purchase, make it necessary to get an installment loan quickly.

Installment loan comparison with the online installment loan calculator is worthwhile for borrowers

Installment loan comparison with the online installment loan calculator is worthwhile for borrowers

The installment loan comparison is definitely worth it, because the borrower can not only save money by lower interest rates. It also saves the way to banks and credit intermediaries and does not need to negotiate with bank employees or credit providers. The online installment loan calculator for free use finds the best loan offers for consumers. With the help of the online installment loan comparison, borrowers have a large selection of loans. With the loan calculator, loan seekers can find their cheapest installment loan.

Installment loan calculator compare loans online

In order to find an installment loan with the cheapest interest, the most favorable terms are calculated from the terms and the desired amount. After an automatic online credit check, you will receive your loan approval within a few minutes. With the installment loan calculator you can quickly find out which offer is the best. It is best to first compare the free annual percentage rate. Simply enter the desired loan amount, the term and, if you want, the purpose.

Installment loan with instant online payment approval

Loans with a very specific purpose are often available at much more favorable terms. This makes it easy to determine whether you may also have credit opportunities at Postbank.

After entering the values, you can see in a few moments what monthly charges are incurred by the respective installment loan.

general requirements for an installment loan

general requirements for an installment loan

  • at least 18 years old
  • Resident in Germany
  • German bank account
  • Employment contract with no fixed term
  • Adequate creditworthiness

Do you need a short-term credit?

Anyone looking for a quickly available small loan with a loan volume of less than $ 1,000 and a short term of less than 12 months should do a small loan comparison. With such a consumer loan comparison, you can find the best loan offers in real time.

Personal loan from private moneylenders without a bank

Personal loan from private moneylenders without a bank

You don’t trust a bank and prefer a personal loan? Many private individuals use the Internet to borrow money from private individuals on special platforms. LENDING PRIVATE MONEY is becoming increasingly interesting for many loan seekers, because even people with low credit ratings or despite negative credit bureau information receive private loans on P2P platforms. In such a portal, private borrowers describe the project for which they would like to borrow money. However, the interest rates are usually higher than with a conventional bank loan. Seniors, students, trainees and the self-employed can also get a loan from a private person. In the case of loans from private individuals, a credit check is carried out during the application. Different or less strict admission criteria apply to a commitment. This means that people with a negative credit bureau entry also have opportunities for a loan. Your loan request is usually financed by several lenders. You can use the borrowed money for a debt rescheduling, for example. There are lucrative returns for private money lenders and are often used as an alternative to other asset classes, such as stocks, ETFs, real estate investments and other investments such as the crowd investing platform Seedmatch.

Get Swiss instant credit from reputable credit brokers

Get Swiss instant credit from reputable credit brokers

A Swiss installment loan with immediate payment without a credit bureau check is difficult to obtain in Germany despite a negative credit bureau. In order to receive the desired amount of money in the shortest possible time, use our provider suggestions. It can take several days for German banks to request a loan. In most cases, even a few weeks pass. It is different with these credit intermediaries, here your credit request is processed within 24 hours. If all the necessary requirements are met. There is no credit bureau query for the instant loan without credit bureau. The processing times are kept very short due to standardized processes. The disadvantage arises from higher interest rates because of the higher risk of default.

Factoring corporate credit as an alternative to corporate credit

Anyone looking for a short-term loan as a self-employed person, freelancer or entrepreneur can quickly obtain sufficient liquidity with a factoring company loan. The factoring corporate loan is an alternative to the conventional entrepreneur or installment loan and can be taken out despite the lack of collateral. With this financing instrument you can quickly generate capital for investment, you increase your cash flow. In factoring, future receivables (invoices) will be sold to the factor company. The factor company takes over the prepayment of the open invoices and, depending on the factoring variant, also the risk of non- payment. Factoring reduces your risks. Billers will receive the money in their account within one to two days. Entrepreneurs get flexible financing options with less credit risk. Even founders or start-up entrepreneurs who have no chance at a bank and want to get money quickly, find good opportunities in this area.

Benefits of factoring

You can bridge financial problems in your company within a very short time. Factoring can reduce default risks and increase your company’s overall risk. In addition, due to the additional creditworthiness gained, the chance of a loan approval or better conditions grows. Another advantage is that the factor assumes the del credere risk. Factoring is available to small and medium-sized companies. Traditional bank loans are often expensive and involve considerable application effort. Factoring is serious and usually much cheaper than a comparable bank loan.

Factoring provider comparison in Germany

The factoring price comparison determines the cheapest provider, but you should not only look at the fees after the selection. Find out which factoring model is suitable for your project. In another article we describe the different types of assignment, such as open or silent factoring. To compare the conditions, you have to enter the loan term of one month and, for example, an amount of 2000 USD when comparing the loans . With this financing option, such as that offered by Finiata for pre-financing invoices, you can expect a completely uncomplicated application process. Depending on the initial conditions, the customer incurs different costs. For this reason, providers have developed various factoring models. When using discounts, the use of factoring can even be cost-neutral.

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