What Benefits Does Your Auto Insurance Offers

Who we have the protection of an Auto Insurance, many times we only know the cost of the premium or the deductible percentage, but, are we really aware of the benefits that our policy offers us at the time of an accident?


The agreement that the Insurance Companies maintain with the hospitals

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Is one of the most important benefits for the insured, because in this way, it is guaranteed that the injured will receive a homogeneous service and with high-quality standards, achieving that there will be a containment of the costs, which is reflected in a reduction in the final cost of the policy without affecting the efficiency of medical care.

Attends to all the Insurance Companies that manage auto claims in the Mexican Republic and in its more than 15 years of service, has achieved a significant containment in costs.

Of the total auto accidents, 81.8% of the insured receive ambulatory medical care, with comprehensive packages whose average cost is $ 2,000. 6.1% require short-stay medical care with a cost ranging from $ 2,500 to $ 17,000. 8.2% of the injured require non-surgical hospital service and the price is very variable, on average it can reach up to $ 50,000. In the case of those requiring surgery, which only represent 3.9% of the injured, the costs may even be of the total of the sum insured.


The excessive costs of hospitals and treatments make Auto Insurance more expensive

Auto Insurance more expensive

Here the importance of homogeneous processes, as in the case of Medica Mial, a company that has worked on the development of strategies to contain these costs and avoid excesses at the time of the accident.

These processes have achieved a significant reduction in the average cost of medical care required during an accident, which represents savings for both the insured and the insurer since it allows them to provide quality medical care without increasing the cost of the policies.

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