Month: August 2019

What Benefits Does Your Auto Insurance Offers

Who we have the protection of an Auto Insurance, many times we only know the cost of the premium or the deductible percentage, but, are we really aware of the benefits that our policy offers us at the time of an accident?   The agreement that the Insurance Companies maintain with the hospitals Is one of […]

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Basic Tool For Testing Creditworthiness

After making a decision to draw a cash loan, banks first check our credit history in the so-called: BIK, or the Credit Information Bureau. Below we present the most important information about this institution.   What is BIK and when was it created? Credit Information Bureau was established in 1997 on the initiative of the […]

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Mortgage over 15 years | Mortgage Loans

If you need to contract a mortgage for more than 15 years to be able to pay the monthly payment, it means that you are buying a house out of your possibilities. In general, a mortgage loan over 15 years is not convenient. Some recommendations on the mortgage Let’s analyze this simulation in the case […]

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